Supplies of special equipment for science, research and production

About us: 25 years PAP & spol. Ltd.

Company PAP & spol. Ltd. It was founded by four partners in 1991. Most as a trading company with an emphasis on quality service all supplied equipment. Bridge City is located in northern Bohemia near the German border - 80 km from Dresden and 80 km from Prague. Currently we are working in our company to house a total of 12 employees, mostly skilled engineers and technicians.

Our offer is expanded over time in relation to our suppliers and market demand. Customers throughout the Czech Republic provide special measuring instruments and equipment of leading European manufacturers. There is still a demand for special large format paper rolls for plotters and large printers. For the area of ​​data processing of aerial photogrammetry and unmanned systems deliver leading producer of software TRIMBLE / INPHO and associated hardware in accordance with customer needs.

Since 2010, we also supply special equipment for the needs of science, research and production.

Our latest major reference:

  1. Two isostatic presses, hot and cold, pressure up to 400 MPa, a manufacturer of EPSI, Belgium, user TU Ostrava
  2. Coating PECVD equipment manufacturer Aurion GmbH, Germany, user Institute of Physics ASCR v.v.i., Prague
  3. Coating plasma sputtering equipment manufacturer Aurion GmbH, Germany, user Institute of Scientific Instruments ASCR v.v.i., Brno
  4. Etching equipment maker Oxford Instruments, England, user Institute of Scientific Instruments ASCR v.v.i., Brno
  5. High-temperature furnace for sintering and debinding, manufacturer Xerion GmbH, Germany, user TU Ostrava
  6. Equipment PLC, the manufacturer of the FCT system, users of ICT Prague
  7. Five pieces of etching equipment maker Oxford Instruments, England, user CEITEC Brno (Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology)
  8. Electron gun, producer Dr. Mucha, Germany, user Masaryk University in Brno
  9. High-temperature sintering and equipment for the extraction of ceramic articles manufacturer Xerion GmbH, Germany, user Brno University of Technology
  10. Vacuum furnace manufacturer Xerion, Germany, user Institute of Physics ASCR v.v.i., Prague
  11. High-temperature equipment for baking the samples, manufacturer Xerion GmbH, Germany, user Brno University of Technology
  12. UV - VIS assembly for photochemical processes (optical spectrometer), manufacturer Oxford Instruments, England, user Masaryk University in Brno

We prepare:

  1. Plating plastic components - Al evaporation in vacuo, the use for the automobile industry
  2. Vacuum furnace for heat exchangers and coolers for automotive industry
  3. Glass molding machines for producing hollow glass
  4. Extrusion Press
  5. Instrumented forming line to forge

We cooperate with the following manufacturers:


High equipment for materials research, high-temperature furnaces seven different types according to customer requirements

FCT Systeme GmbH (

Hot presses, sintering equipment when compressed gas, SPS / FAST devices and vacuum sintering furnace at the highest temperatures for the needs of high-performance ceramics, composites, tungsten carbide etc.

PVA Löt- und Werkstofftechnik GmbH (

Vacuum furnace and vacuum equipment for metallurgical processes (1 Batch-chamber devices): All devices are configured according to customer requirements.

Oxford Instruments GmbH (

Many systems reactive ion etching, sputtering equipment, optical systems for deposition of layers of graphene, the ALD

Aurion Anlagentechnik GmbH (

scia Systems GmbH (

Broad spectrum etching device with an ion beam, sputtering systems on wafers and optical substrates, coating of PECVD 3D substrates, large-area PECVD and RIE processes, magnetron sputtering, plasma cleaning

APS Antriebs-, Prüf- und Steuertechnik GmbH (

Geotechnical testing instruments and equipment for environmental research

IGM GmbH (

Georadar, geotechnical measuring systems

Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co. KG (

Equipment for drying processes and thermo conveyors for industrial use

VA-TEC GmbH & Co. KG (

Planning, design, manufacturing chambers, parts, apparatus, and recipients of special equipment for vacuum technology, surface analysis, nanotechnology coating of solar industry and space simulation

Engineered Pressure Systems International NV (

SMS group GmbH Mönchengladbach (

Technology for the smelter and rolling mill

GPS Glasproduktions-Service GmbH Essen (

Glass molding machines

Müller Engineering GmbH & Co. KG Todtenweis-Sand (

Extrusion presses



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Executive head

Dipl.-Ing. Pavel PAP
Dipl.-Ing. Tomáš PAP
Dipl.-Ing. Aleš SOBOTKA
Dipl.-Ing. Michal BRYCHTA

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