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Company PAP & spol. Ltd. was a longtime trade representation company INPHO GmbH from Stuttgart and supply photogrammetric programs and hardware for stereoscopic evaluation to the Czech and Slovak Republic. After connecting businesses INPHO GmbH into the Group Trimble Europe in this activity goes smoothly.

Users of product INPHO are Czech Land Survey Office, Czech Army, University of Technology in Brno, University of Defence in Brno, Palacky University in Olomouc, Charles University in Prague, National Forestry Centre in Zvolen, Technical University in Zvolen and companies Georeal Ltd., Azimut CZ Ltd., Photogrammetry Ltd., Primis Ltd., North Energy Inc., North Bohemian Mines Inc. and more.

Overview of programs

ApplicationsMaster: Umbrella program photogrammetric software system, other programs are run from it and use common functions contained in it

MATCH-AT: Automatic digital aerotriangulation with extensive analysis accuracy for processing of aerial images from the camera frame

MATCH-ATpushbroom: Automatic digital aerotriangulation with extensive analysis of accuracy for aeronautical raster bands from cameras with line sensors

inBLOCK: Block adjustment for aerial film cameras and aerial digital frame cameras, with consideration of GPS / INS data, graphical block analysis and reliability tests

MATCH-T DSM: Automatic DSM and DTM generation from aerial photographs with extended batch capability

DTMaster Stereo: Monoscopic DTM editing, including quality control of 3D point cloud data (e.g. from LIDAR or MATCH-T)

DTMaster BuildingAddOn: Module for interactive measurement, quality control and editing 3D models of buildings, the interface for novaFACTORY 3D Pro (administration tool 3D models of buildings, requires an Oracle database)

LPMaster: Tool for processing data from airborne laser scanning system made by Trimble and AX series of digital aerial cameras

DPMaster: Program for distributed (on multiple computers simultaneously) data processing in programs MATCH-T DSM and OrthoMaster

OrthoMaster: Orthophoto generation from aerial and satellite imagery, block-wide operation of aerial image blocks, batch processing, true orthophoto capability

OrthoVista: Automatic generation of seamless orthophoto mosaics with color balancing and hot spot removal, batch processing, includes automatic and interactive seamdefinition and editing (OrthoVista SE)

Separate programs and software packages:

Summit Evolution: Digital stereo plotter with all functions except orientation and AT measurement functionalities; driver for AutoCAD or MicroStation, includes DAT/EM Capture for interactive data capture, Map/Editor and Color Superimposition, (no hardware included)

UASMaster: Complete image processing of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) with output quality photogrammetric includes aerotriangulation camera with auto-calibration, the creation of digital models, orthorectification and creation of orthophotos, an option to run the entire process with one click and stereoscopic observation; function uses the programs mentioned above, one image size is limited to 51 Mpix

LIDAR Box: Software package for processing point cloud of airborne laser scanning includes programs DTMaster Stereo, SCOP ++ Kernel and SCOP ++ LIDAR

DTM Box: Software package for processing point cloud generated by the correlation of aerial photographs, includes programs DTMaster Stereo and MATCH-T DSM

SCOP++: Generating and management of digital models on a national scale, input data from photogrammetry, aerial scanning and elsewhere.

For more information, visit the website Trimble Inpho

After registering on Inpho:

respectively after login:,14694,165.html

you can go to Product Downloads and download the installation files and related information:

All programs except UASMaster, MATCH-AT, Summit Evolution and TopDM can run a demo version without a dongle.

In the 3rd Party Products are drivers and information about the hardware keys, mouse recommended ten-button photogrammetric mouse and other information in the last row can download data for online training OrthoVista.

If you can not find the necessary information or you are interested in renting the software, or for compensation for the competitive program comparable program INPHO, please contact us.

Next to a modern powerful software also we offer hardware stereovyhodnocování at the highest level (4K monitors / Full HD, 3D mouse, computers, etc.). We also offer digital cameras and scanners. We will submit an appropriate offer and help you in solving problems (technology, applications).



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